Why You Should Have A House Sitting Website

I believe that we should look into “Why” and hopefully show you the reasons why you should have a house sitting website. Websites in this day and age are very simple to create and for those technophobes you can get one built fairly cheaply. So, really there is no excuse not to have one. Therefore, let us delve into some of those reasons.

  1. House Sitters Need To Show Credibility: When you apply for a house sit, the homeowner has to judge each applicant on their merits and choose the one, they believe suits their requirements. The homeowner reads through all the applications they receive, and most times choose three applicants they believe will be the best for their house sit to interview. So, before you even get a chance to talk with the homeowner your application may be discarded because you didn’t give them enough information about yourself compared to other applicants. You must be able to provide the homeowner with enough evidence that you are a credible house sitter to ensure you at least get the chance to have an interview with them. So, in addition to having information in your application letter, having a link to your website will give you a lot of credibility ahead of many other applicants. On your website you can show your credibility via any number of ways. Photos, references and stories are a good way to convey that.
  2. House Sitters Need To Show Reliability: Reliability is one of the biggest fears that homeowners have. They need to know the applicant they have chosen will show up for their house sit. Imagine as a homeowner having booked an overseas holiday of a lifetime and being all ready to go, only to find out at the last minute the house sitter they had chosen has pulled out. What do they do? How do they get another house sitter? Is their holiday in jeopardy? Very real concerns that a homeowner has, which you can alleviate via reference from previous house sits showing your reliability. These should be easily accessible on your website for any homeowner to read. This will give the homeowner more faith in your reliability over another applicant.
  3. House Sitters Need To Show Their Love For Animals: Probably the biggest concern a homeowner will have is, will you love, care, protect, walk, play with and feed their beloved pets. As a house and pet sitter this would be a huge reason why you have decided to become house sitters. You love animals!!! So how do you convey this to the homeowner? While you can give information in your application letter nothing beats photos and reference from previous house sits. This is hard to do in just an application letter, but having a website where homeowners can come and see loads of photos, stories, references from previous house sits which show you caring, playing and overall loving the animals will go a long way to proving you are the house sitter for them.
  4. House Sitters Need To Show That They Are Trustworthy: Homeowners take an incredible risk opening up their homes and pets to strangers. Yes, it saves them money, but it adds stress. So, they need to make sure they have chosen the right house sitter which will help alleviate that stress. As house sitters we need to provide as much information as possible, showing the homeowner we are the right trustworthy choice for their sit. Once again having a website where you can add as much information as you can showing your trustworthiness is a must. References, photos and stories of previous house sits helps convey that message to potential homeowners.
  5. House Sitters Need To Provide Information: What better way to communicate this is with a website. The information that you can provide is endless. From amazing photos, feel good stories, quality references and great videos. The more information you can supply a homeowner the better your chances of securing house sits around the world. Information to a homeowner is gold so doing everything you can to make more information available to them is a priority.

The above information should prove to any house sitter why you should have a house sitting website. Albeit, these are just a few attributes showing why a website is so vital to the modern day house sitter. So, having decided now that you need a website what are the next steps to take? This depends on your computer savvy. While websites these days are quite easy to build, you do need a little bit of computer knowledge or be able to follow videos of how to. Therefore, if that is why you are here, then these are the steps you will need to build your website.

  1. Decide on a domain name and check its availability.
  2. Buy your domain name through a registrar.
  3. Buy a hosting package.
  4. Change DNS (domain name server) to point to your hosting.
  5. Setup your hosting package with your domain name.
  6. Install WordPress in your hosting cPanel on your domain name.
  7. Pick/Buy a WordPress theme.
  8. Install you WordPress Theme
  9. Build your website.
  10. Add your data into website.
  11. Make your website live.

The above is intended to give you a guide and it will also tell you if you have the ability to build it or if you need help to get one built. The links in the above steps are affiliate links of the packages I use. So, if you buy through them, I receive a small commission from the company. This does not affect the price you pay for the product.

Now if the above is way too confusing or out of your computer ability, we at House Sitting Hints can build you a website. Click on this link for more information about us building your website.

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