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In the realms of House and Pet Sitting there are numerous companies and products that can be useful in making your everyday existence much easier. Below are companies we use and have no hesitation in recommending. We here at House Sitting Hints believe in supporting companies that offer great value for money products and services.

Disclosure: Please note the links below are are affiliate links. Therefore if you make a purchase using any link we may receive a commission from the company. This will not affect your price in any way. This is paid by the company. It is a way you can help support House Sitting Hints to continue providing useful information, fun stories and some wonderful video and picture content.

House Sitting Platforms

Aussie House Sitters is Australias largest House and Pet Sitting Platform. We had our first two house sits through this platform. Whenever we are back in Australia we always use them for great quality house sits.

Trusted House Sitters is our go to platform when traveling the globe. They have a large base of both Home Owners and House Sitters to choose from. The majority of our house sits are through this platform.

Kiwi House Sitters may be smaller compared to its big brother Aussie House Sitters, but it looses nothing in its ability to provide high quality Home Owners and House Sitters on the Island of the Long White Cloud.

Hotel Accomodation

Are You Looking For A Location Independant Income?

 Stop Looking.....

As fulltime house sitters money is always tight. So budgeting has to be a priority, thankfully Carolyn does it extremely well. We have been looking for a way to save money, whilst also generate an income while we travel. Nothing had come across our path until recently. Not only does it give us the ability to save in smaller amounts, that will continue to hold it's value long term. It also gives us the added advantage to earn income while we travel.

If you have been searching for a way of generating a location independant income then this could be exactly what you are after. To find out more click on the button inside the money below.

House Sitters Profile Tools

As fulltime house sitters i truely do believe that we must do everything we can to provide the home owner with as much detailed information about ourselves as possibly. Thus, having a house sitters profile website is a must. Not only does it provide the home owner with a place to learn more about you. It also gives you credibilty that may give you the edge over another house sitter when applying for house sits. Its a great place to showcase your house sitting references from different platforms in the one place. Also you can share stories from previous sits, along with pictures and videos with your adopted fur babies.

Here at House Sitting Hints we can provide all you need to create your own professional house sitting profile website. The below links will give you all the tools you need to complete your website. If you are technologically challenged……. Then don’t worry we can build it for you!!! I don’t know how, i would like you to build it for me please 🙂 click here for all the details.

Register Your Domain Name

We invested in two Scottevests due to the amount we travel as fulltime international House and Pet Sitters. Being able to carry all our tech equipment without having to use weigh in our carry on luggage is priceless. It easily stores my 15″ laptop, head phones, external hard drives, phone, passport, wallet, cables and more. I would highly recommend purchasing one especially if you don’t like to check luggage.