House Sitting Judi (Updated Feb 2020)

House Sitting Judi (Updated Feb 2020)

Written By: andrew
February 24, 2020

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judi the stare house sitting judi

House Sitting Judi (Updated Feb 2020)

Relaxing into our seats we soak in the beauty that is Switzerland as our train speeds towards Aarau. Ahead lies five days house sitting Judi the Maine Coon cat. In the meantime, the clickety-clack of the train wheels gliding over the rails soothes my being. While my thoughts of Nati and Murphy who will be sorely missed, now turn to our new house sit with Judi. I’m truly amazed at how our lives have changed so rapidly in six months. Such is our change, we have gone from sun and surf to snow and mountains half a world away. House sitting Judi, kicks off our first full house sit of 2019 and will round off our stay in Switzerland. Although Switzerland has been tough on our wallets, it has been lovely to see locations that my parents have raved about for years.

the river aarau house sitting judi

Navigating Aarau

By the time the train pulls into Aarau, our thoughts are now firmly fixed on house sitting Judi. But our bodies are craving food. Burger King is close at hand, and probably the most inexpensive. But guess what, in this part of Switzerland they speak Swiss/German. So, Carolyn does her speaking via hand signalling and lots of smiling. Then finishes with thank you, danke and merci, to cover all bases. Ordering completed we now sit down and eat.

carolyn in park hosue sitting judi

Having now exited the station, we navigate our way through Aarau. However, instead of taking the bus as intended, we decide it is only a 25-minute walk, so let’s do that. However, having taken the wrong route we are now faced with stairs. Not just a few, but three flights of steep uneven century old steps.

Normally, this would prove no issue but with two large heavy suitcases they become my archenemy. Heart pounding, breathing furiously, muscles burning I accomplish the descent of the suitcases. By the time we reach our final destination my breathing has returned to normality and the lactic acid burn has subsided. Then to my disbelief more stairs. YES, you heard me “more stairs”. Completing my latest obstacle, we settle into our new digs for the next five days house sitting Judi.

snow bikes house sitting hints

Meeting Judi

judi the cat house sit switzerland

By the time we opened the door to our house sit, the homeowner had already left for her trip. Hence, we find one big fluffy pussy cat sitting near the door wondering who we are. To begin with, she looked us both up and down, comes over to sniff us, then lets us give her a quick pat before she disappears. Casting an eye over our dwelling that will be our home for the next five days, I am reminded we lived in an apartment only a few months ago.

judi aarau house sitting hints

Judi is dark grey in colour, very fluffy and a little apprehensive of us for the first few days. However, she does eventually accept us allowing us to pat her for extended periods of time. Judi is a beautiful looking cat and has a lovely personality. Thus, if we had more time with her, I’m sure she would have bonded closer to us. House sitting Judi, while being short was a fun little end to our time in Switzerland.

the park aarau house sitting hints

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House Sitting Hints (live like a local, not as a tourist)

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