House Sitting Heidi (Updated Feb 2020)

House Sitting Heidi (Updated Feb 2020)

Written By: andrew
February 24, 2020

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rochers de naye house sitting hints

House Sitting Heidi (Updated Feb 2020)

As a child I remember hearing about a book called Heidi. Never reading it myself, just knowing it was about a girl living in the Swiss Alps. With this in mind, I thought I would do some research about this story. As a result, I found that it was about Heidi a young orphaned girl being raised by her recluse grandfather in The Swiss Alps. Obviously, there was more to this story. However, our comparison is about being a family parental figure to some wonderfully sweet Swiss animals. Albeit, they are actually American animals living in Switzerland while daddy is working here for three years. Hence, House Sitting Heidi” I believe is a wonderful way to describe our stay.

murphy on walk house sitting heidi

Having organised this “House Sitting Heidi” adventure three months in advance we have been looking forward to its arrival. Hoping for a white Christmas, but unfortunately not getting one. However, we did get a small snow fall while we were here. Situated close to Geneva and 5 minutes from the French border it was centrally located for us. The views over the Jura mountains and Lake Geneva are beautiful. In fact, even lovelier when the snow had fallen and blanketed the mountains. Chavannes-de-Bogis will be our base for the next month with the company of Murphy and Nati.

nati and murphy house sitting hints

House Sitting Heidi Dog

Firstly, we have Murphy a five year old English Setter what a character he is. He loves his food and when any session of eating is upon us, we can be sure Murphy is close at hand. Sitting right beside us at the dining table, pawing us every few minutes to remind us he is still there waiting. Furthermore, after his night time meal he gets a greenie (a treat) and oh what a little dance he puts on for it 😊 see video below. Coupled with that he is an excellent singer, joining us singing Christmas carols- see video below. Additionally, come walk time he knows as soon as we begin to put our shoes on and goes into another dance routine 😊. Speaking of walks or should that be runs. Once he is unshackled from his lead, he is off. Boy can he run and run 😊.

murphy house sitting heidi

At this time of year, after each walk Murphy needs to have the dirt and mud removed. He knows this and voluntarily, but slowly gets into the shower where we clean him up. Never have I seen a dog walk into a shower and wait like he does, very well behaved and brings a smile to my dial, every time. Also, he loves playing tug-o-war and he gets this growl going as he flicks his head to win the game. Murphy likes to put himself to bed at night, disappears when he is ready, and we often found him in our bed, head on the pillow and all. He loves to be around us, doesn’t need a lot of pats, just to be in our company, Murphy has been a pleasure to look after and will be missed.

murphy sleepinh house sitting hints

House Sitting Heidi Cat

Now, we have Miss Nati an 18 year old cat. Nati had suffered a life threatening infection a couple of months prior to our house sit but was on the mend. However, her recovery included having an injection of fluids every five days. Consequently, that fell on me to do and to say I was a bit daunted was an understatement. Surprisingly, it turned out to be way less daunting as Nati was such a great patient. She knew it needed to be done and coped incredibly well, which made my job easier. When we first arrived, she slept on her cushion in the corner of the lounge, and we worried she would not make the 3 weeks we were there.


However, after a day she became like a new cat, and maybe she did that just for us, as her days were numbered.

nati standing house sitting hints

Although unsteady on her feet due to arthritis, she had gumption and was very spritely. She would jump from lounge to chair and up onto the bench seat albeit a bit awkward. It was pure delight to watch her antics. Furthermore, Nati loved her food too and like Murphy would sit right beside us and meow while we ate. Boy could she meow, but such was her affection you could only love her for it. She spent nearly every waking hour on Carolyn’s lap. Whether working on her computer or sitting watching the TV. Such a loving, sweet and adorable cat was Miss Nati. Ultimately, Nati was a such a joy to look and spend time with. Again, we have met amazing pets, which comes down to the love and care of the owners.

nati about to jump house sitting heidi

Heart Break

It was with great sadness, only a mere month after our sit we were informed that lovely Miss Nati had passed away in the company of her loving family. Such, was her zest for life and her unconditional love she gave she will be unbelievably missed. Though we only had the pleasure of her company for just under a month, she is indelibly etched in our memories for ever.

rip nati house sitting heidi

In conclusion, our time House Sitting Heidi was amazing and marvelous. It will be counted as one of our favourite house sits.

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Andrew & Carolyn

House Sitting Hints (live like a local, not as a tourist)

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